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International customers are liable for any import duties or taxes within their country.

We make things from scratch though endeavor to have some inventory in stock. By keeping things lean we ensure we only use the leather we need for the orders that are placed. Vegetable tanned leather takes months to make and stocks are often small at retailers meaning it can be long waits to get more leather, especially after, ya know, how the 2020s have been going so far.

Wallets have a 30 day lead time

Small goods (bookmarks) have a 10 day lead time

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Returns and Warranty

Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. We offer a 14-days Return & Exchange Policy.

Our products are designed and made to last a lifetime and thus have a lifetime warranty.


We don't run sales, as in there is never an arbitrary time which our products are discounted, which is not to say you cannot find a way to get a discount. It just isn't fixed to a calendar. There is never a better time to purchase and no Black Friday rushes.

The key to your product surviving for as long as your natural lifetime is in the care routine you establish with it. We apply some conditioner before shipping out all wallets. We think it's the right thing to do and not many others do it.

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By the time the tannery sells the leather to a retailer and then by the time a customer (us) buys that leather to make something and by the time we make something with it and store it before you buy it, leather has sometimes been sitting for years before making it to your hands as a product. It would be awful ironic for us to harp on about taking care of the leather every year when it's gone years already when we send it to you. So we take care of it for you on day 0.

This is something we can only try to control by selecting which parts of the hide appear where on your product. We do try to avoid any defects or at least keep them to the sides or gussets.

Aniline leather is as such that it retains the surface grain of the leather and we think that is actually the prime selling point of a vegetable tanned leather.

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Card slots may be tight when you first get the wallet but leather will break in over time, as in it will get used to being stretched in the way which you use it, making it much easier over time to get cards in an out.

Before shipping our wallets, we do make sure to use a special tool called a bone folder to go into all the nooks of the wallets and get them used to being a wallet but the best way to make sure it to start using it.

Our products are proudly designed, made and fulfilled in Melbourne. We utilize leather from all around the world, including Italy, France, The United States and Japan.

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We are constantly developing new products as we get into our stride. We hope to have a large variety of products, leather choices and in the future colours.

We also aim to release limited editions of products. Some tanneries do experiments or limited runs of colours or finishes of hides and we endeavor to source those that thrill us most and get them into your hands as products.

We will let you know if and when we release new products or limited editions. Sign up to stay in touch!

Orders and Fulfillment

Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order.

If your order has already been dispatched we are unable to offer you this service.

You should receive an email immediately after placing an order. If this is not the case it is possible your order did not successfully go through. Please contact us before attempting to place another as you may be charged twice.