Non-Transferrable Lifetime Warranty

We're thrilled by your purchase. Our mission is to make beautiful luxury items which will patina and grow with you throughout your life. Vegetable tanned leather can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Stitches should not blow out and rivets should not crack and break. However problems can arise despite our best efforts to use the most durable materials and our workmanship quality checks can sometimes fail. That is why we offer lifetime warranty on all of our products against material defects and workmanship faults so your trust and investment in us can be assured.


Any item(s) approved for returned to us will be thoroughly analyzed to determine the fault. We will attempt to repair the product by hand, stitching reusing the same stitching holes so that you can have your beloved item back with the patina you've built up. If repair is not possible we will send an identical product if it is still in our catalogue. If not we will credit you with the amount of your original purchase. Our products may change and certain aspects of design or production may be changed between the time of your purchase and return so there may be differences in the product


Not all of our products are made with vegetable tanned leather and no all are fully constructed using it, as there will likely be suede lining which is a chrome tanned leather. For more information on the differences read this. However we endeavor to specify exactly what leathers are used and how they are tanned for every offering we have available and your peace of mind.


Take care of your products. They are an investment and we hope they will last a life time. Neglect them and they will still last years, decades maybe but eventually the leather will dry out and crack.


On a final note, this lifetime limited warranty is voided if the product ownership is transferred such as trading or after market sales. Before returning we require verification of purchase using your email address and name.