"Our brand mission is to bring luxury leather made goods to a global market for a fair price. Our products are proudly hand made in Melbourne."


We believe whole heartedly in the philosophy of slow fashion. Our products are designed with a timelessness in mind and built to a quality that you'll be proud to show them off for decades.

By limiting our catalogue we intend to focus on the evolution of our products and to continuously refine and enhance them while remaining true to our original intent. They should be both beautiful and perfectly functional.

By selling our products direct to consumer we are able to maintain this quality benchmark as well as keep our prices fair. We never run seasonal based sales, so that our customers have access year round to our catalogue's best prices.

We deliver a premium customer experience. We want your experience with the brand and the unboxing to be as good as your experience with the products long after the unboxing.


Vegetable tanned

We source incredible vegetable tanned leather hides from the best tanneries all around the world. This means that our products will last a lifetime and develop a rich patina with wear to reflect their connection to you and your life.

Our Story

My name is Sean and I am the founder of Silvermoon. I have been a leather worker since just before COVID and have been planning Silvermoon as a leatherworking business since late 2020 when I first started designing patterns and figuring out what tools I needed. The store was launched in November 2022.

As a child growing up, my father would often include me in his many projects around the house. He is a hands on and very knowledgeable person. While I was often clueless and clumsy in my attempts to help, it instilled in me a strong drive to figure problems out.

This problem solving mindset has followed me into my career as an engineer and my various hobbies including taking on leatherworking. As a small business owner running an online store this calls on many many pools of knowledge and experience and I enjoy every minute of making things better and iterating.

I am an avid photographer and spend lots of time chasing sunrises and sunsets. Nothing makes me more happy when finishing a leather good and then I bathe it in some beautiful light and get in close with a macro lens. I do all of my own product photography and YouTube videography, including editing. Everything you see is my vision and obsession.

Thank you for spending time just looking around our site. I hope you enjoy what you see and if you aren't prepared to purchase anything, I encourage you to visit to our YouTube channel and other very successful channels where you can see leather goods being made as well as information and tips on the craft so that you can learn to make your own products.

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